Relove The Preloved

Clothes that are made with love truly love you. They smile through their colours, hug you with their fabrics and most importantly, make you feel confident and happy. All these clothes deserve to be loved back. They should be taken care of, flaunted and even shown off. 

In this age of consumerism, shopping is easier than it has ever been. There are so many options and styles available that whatever catches your eye, easily ends up in your closet. Often this leads to a lot of clothes in our wardrobe that we don’t wear – maybe they grow out of size, or we never find the right occasion.  These clothes shouldn’t be left unloved; they deserve a new lover – someone who looks at them just like you did.

When certain garments get lost in our closets, they eventually end up in landfills despite being in perfectly usable condition. This creates an issue with respect to the environment, where fashion waste is already one of the biggest polluters. The fashion industry is responsible for a whooping 10% of the world’s global carbon emissions. Figures like these demand us to look for solutions, and help heal the Earth.

The concept of reselling is one such solution. While donating clothes is always a good option, it is often times not feasible, especially when we buy something precious and unique, which for some reason never gets used and yet we can’t convince ourselves to part with it. Reselling ensures that the piece finds someone who values style and design just like you do, and will love the garment just like you do. Getting a certain percentage of the money back helps you not feel guilty about your shopping, and in a way makes it easy to give your loved purchases that either don’t fit or look the way you expected to someone who wants them.

Reselling isn’t a new concept, Thrift stores have existed for a long time and especially during the pandemic, online thrift stores became a huge phenomenon. Often times thrift stores cannot provide a guarantee on the condition of the clothes, or the accurate product details. They are usually unorganised stores and hence, people see it with a sense of suspicion, hesitant to buy. Relove is a platform that helps people resell and buy preloved garments in an organized, trusted way. The garments are checked for defects through images and the selling price is calculated accordingly. When you buy a preloved garment from Relove, it is checked, approved and uploaded to sell with all the product details.

We, at Kanelle decided to take the responsibility of the entire lifecycle of our products, by integrating with Relove. Kanelle X Relove is a space where you can resell you clothes or purchase a preloved garment. Every garment resold helps save 6 times it’s weight in CO2. You can now find special pieces from our previous collections that are no longer available anywhere at a discounted rate! Most preloved garments barely even have any damage, it’s just a sizing or a styling issue. You can choose to love a special design that deserves the loving it was made to give.

This also means, every piece you buy from Kanelle has a resell value. Our garments can be resold on our own website, to other Kanelle customers who understand and value the clothes we make and the values we make them with. Kanelle X Relove community is a cute little friendship brewing up, Where you can resell your Kanelle, and buy someone else’s.

We have also launched a ‘Rescue’ option. Clothes with small production defects can be rescued and loved, just like any other clothes.  These defects don’t make a piece useless, and since most of our clothes are handmade – these are just small human errors. Learning to love and own these clothes, is a great step in doing your part in being eco-conscious and valuing the difficult process behind making of clothes.


Head over to our Relove Space, and explore dresses, co-ords, tops and bottoms that are waiting for your love. And if you have a Kanelle that doesn’t work for you – It takes only 60sec to find it a new lover.
November 18, 2022 — Aditya Sibal