Kanelle is a brand that celebrates women - their authenticity, independence and their free spirit. With the brand ethos “Women for Women”, Kanelle’s first fragrance collection is inspired by the modern cosmopolitan woman who is fearless and is not afraid to define her own rules.

An exclusive range of eau de parfum that are elegant, expressive and, transitional from day to night, Kanelle’s first fragrance collection - Scentsationally You, comprises of 3 Essentiale & 2 Signature scents.

Personifying affordable luxury, the fragrances are premium luxe yet pocket friendly and deliver top notch quality – in both ingredients & packaging. Each fragrance is distinct, long lasting and both IFRA & FDA certified.

Kanelle fragrances are Indian at heart with an international look and feel.


Kanelle women are multi dimensional. They are made up of many layers – of emotions, of personalities, of character, of moods and of everyday roles. These layers change, adapt and evolve. Women are truly multi-faceted.

Kanelle fragrances have been curated keeping in mind the multiple layers of a woman. Individually each fragrance has been designed to elevate, enhance and complement a different side of her– an emotion, a feeling, a mood, a setting, or her personality. Together the whole collection evokes her complex yet enchanting persona.


The concept of layering in a woman helped derive the USP of the collection – Perfume layering.

Multiple fragrances from the collection can be layered with each other to create new scents.

Fragrance layering is like putting together a look, or doing make up, or even creating a painting; each layer adds and brings something unique. The result is a personalized olfactory experience that provides uniqueness and distinction.

Respecting the olfactory palette, each Kanelle fragrance has been thoughtfully crafted to be layered with each other, resulting in an array of unique scent profiles. The collection gives women the freedom to be whoever they are and create scents that compliment how they feel.


Essentiales are classic scents for the modern woman, while the signatures are made up of unique combinations & compositions with
depth & opulence.

Each essentiale and signature has been crafted with complementary perfume notes that when layered with each other create beautiful and alluring new scents.

Layer an essential with a signature fragrance, and discover your new go-to scent with the exclusive fragrance layering combos.