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Article: Fragrances to get you ready for summer

Fragrances to get you ready for summer

Fragrances to get you ready for summer

Summer - a season of fresh florals and zesty citrus. The warm weather calls for sweet breezy aromas that transport you to a cool beach or a fresh garden. While a rich, woody aroma works perfectly as well, it's these fougere and floral fragrances that capture the essence of the season , and balance the heat with freshness.

So as you swap your closet to some relaxed fits and light fabrics, it’s time to swap your perfumes too! Even though Kanelle eau de parfums are transitional, crafted with notes across the fragrance wheel, covering every quadrant; here are the most popular ones to get you ready for the summer season!

    • 1. Summer Brunch Florals

With fresh in its name, Fresh Florence is a summer perfume that will transport you to the capital city of Tuscany – reminding you of a summer holiday surrounded by floral gardens, fresh fruits and cool breeze. This is the perfect women’s summer perfume with a scent that is floral, fruity and a little musky - the perfect blend for ultimate femininity and youth. The ideal scent for a summer brunch with your friends - chatting and laughing the day away.
Experience a long-lasting fragrance with this luxury perfume. Top notes of pomegranate, yuzu and grape fruit, a heart of magnolia and rose and the base of amber and musk - the essential summer notes follow you the entire day, making you feel happy, playful and bubbly!

    • 2. Zesty Summer Adventures

Nothing smells of freshness more than a fougere, citrus scent. Kanelle's Vivacious Heart is for the bold and unconventional - the fragrance isn't one to easily wear out, and so won't you! Beat the summer tiredness with a fresh burst of energy that comes from the notes of bergamot, mandarin followed by musky, woody notes. The perfect strong summer perfume!
Adorn this fragrance as you explore more places, go on more adventures, spend your summer making new memories and bring out the powerful, unconventional and bold side of you.

    • 3. Delicate Summer Dreams

For summers that are spent daydreaming under the sun or the shade, Kanelle Exquis Nectar is that sweet fragrance that will leave you dreamy and calm. A long-lasting perfume for women, that is filled with the richness and sweet caress of a special golden nectar. Exquis nectar, with an orange flower and almond top, followed by floral heart and a delicious vanilla base reminds us of summer sweetness - a day near the lake with your favourite desserts and fruits!

    • 4. Sweet Summer Romance

Who doesn’t want a delectable feminine summer fragrance, that is the ultimate blend of fresh florals and luscious fruits. A woman who likes her summer perfume to have intensity and depth, Mystique Glamour is the best perfume for her. Fruity top notes of apple, black current, raspberry and lychee followed by a floral heart and base, the perfume reminds us of a sweet summer romance. One which will leave you starry-eyed and romantic.
Layer it with Kanelle's Silken Musk for a perfect perfume combo! Silken Musk being a musky spicy scent, together creates a bold and sensual vibe that stays with you throughout the day and night. This perfume combo is perfect for a summer night - a fun date, dining under the starry skies.

    • 5. Discovery Set

We understand that summer brings in a million moods, and one fragrance is never enough! Our discovery set has mini bottles of all our luxury fragrances - so you can layer, experiment and discover your own go-to summer scent - fruity, floral, woody or sweet. It's the perfect perfume gift set, or your best travel accessory - a plethora of scents to play with the entire season. Kanelle has crafted every single one of it’s fragrance with notes that compliment each other on the fragrance wheel and create perfumes that are truly transitional - throughout the day and the seasons. Therefore, every Kanelle perfume is a summer perfume!

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